These shoes made of wood, cork, and corn is a great example of modern, sustainable footwear design

Comfort for clothes and for shoes are set at completely different standards. A tee-shirt can have the words “100% Cotton” on it and that’s an immediate indication that the tee is soft, comfortable, and breathable; but that standard doesn’t translate to a shoe. Shoe comfort is measured using a completely different set of parameters, and often complicated ones like structure, insole softness, breathability, and flexibility. These features don’t always account for the material used, which means shoes can often be made from a WIDE host of materials. The sad reality is that not many of them are sustainably sourced or environmentally friendly.

Element 0 is altering how shoes are designed and manufactured by making sustainability just as important as comfort. This means re-engineering the shoe’s materials in a way that benefits your feet as well as the environment. Element 0’s sneakers sport a unisex design built from both naturally-sourced as well as recycled materials (the company is even transparent about where and how they source their materials). The shoes rest on an outsole that’s made from rubber as well as recycled cork, quite literally putting a spring in your step; while an insole crafted from a combination of wool, corn-fiber, wood, and natural latex gives your foot a comfortable surface to rest on that’s also water-absorbent and anti-odor. To cap things off, Element 0’s outer body balances aesthetics with breathability as well as sustainability. The fabric on the outer body is woven from plastic yarn sourced from recycled PET bottles as well as discarded fishing nets. Each Element 0 sneaker, aside from looking fashionable and feeling breathable, actually takes waste out of our oceans, allowing your feet and the planet to both feel great. The recycled plastic is both breathable and lightweight, while a sock-inspired detail on the back allows you to easily slip the shoes on, as they contour to the shape of your feet.

The materials are all carefully considered not just for comfort and sustainability, but for durability too. The flexible rubber and cork composite outsole come extensively tested on different kinds of terrain, while the overall Element 0 sneaker is made to be water-repellent. Chances are they won’t get dirty even after a really rough day… and on the off chance that they do? Well, the Element 0 are designed to be completely machine-washable. In fact, each pair of Element 0 sneakers comes with a laundry-bag that lets you wash the sneakers in the washing machine to make them as good as new. Just remember to save the planet by using environmentally-friendly detergent!

Designers: Charles-hugo Dissard & Julia Mbengue

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Element 0 – The Most Sustainable & Eco-friendly Shoes

Element 0’s shoes sport a unisex design built from both naturally-sourced as well as recycled materials.

Features & Benefits

Durability – A choice of naturally durable material to resist all terrains for years to come.

Breathability & Anti-odor – With or without socks, there’s no smell. Their insole is made from natural fibers that naturally filter out your sweat.

Slip-on Technology – Their Slip-on design includes a sock that adapts to the shape of your feet.

Machine Washable – Pack Element 0 in the shoe bag and wash it.

Water Repellent – Made out of materials that are naturally water repellent. They keep your feet dry.

Anti-skid – Enjoy the stability/steadiness in your Element 0.

Materials Overview

5 Colors/Elements






Click Here to Buy Now: $89 $160 (45% off). Hurry, only 5/295 left!