Innovative strap-system on the back of this airline seat makes it easy to store all your belongings

You could potentially spend anywhere from 3 to 20 hours on a single flight… which is why airline seats are designed to be less like furniture and more like a microliving space where you can either sleep, read, eat, or just admire the scenery from the window. The chairs recline, they come with dedicated fans, lights, a foldout table, and even a button to summon the flight staff, but they offer little when it comes to storing your regular belongings. Sure, there’s space right beneath the seat in front of you, but that isn’t always easy to access; and sure there’s a pouch near the foldout table, but it can barely store the security pamphlet, a magazine, and an air-sickness bag.

‘Strap’ is a system that relooks the way the back of the airline seat is laid out. Designed keeping that very microliving approach in mind, the back of the seat is transformed into a micro-closet using a web of elastic straps that criss-cross from top to bottom and left to right. These straps, which remain flat when not in use, are wonderful for tucking things into and latching things onto. You could potentially stash your bottle in them, dock your iPad in them, tuck your passport, boarding pass, book in the straps, and use them in a whole variety of ways to store things but allow them to be accessed easily. The Strap’s system is incredibly freeing, and offers you with the ability to use it exactly how you see fit. From storing your spectacles or neck-pillow, to even potentially using it to hang your headphones or your kid’s toy, the Strap system is quite literally limitless… and it doesn’t obstruct how the fold-out table works either!

Designers: Ulysse Van Duinen & Donatien Lenoir

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