Renault EZ-1 Prototype is a recyclable two-seater EV tailored for shared urban mobility

Electric mobility is the future that’s looking ominous and most automotive giants, as well as startups, want to jump the bandwagon. Renault realizes the enormity of EVs for commuting, and how they operate in real-world settings – hence, they’ve announced the Mobilize business division with the sole purpose of fine-tuning the operations bit, so that the end-users can benefit from the service beyond comprehension.

Mobilize is all about ride-sharing and last-mile services in urban spaces – and their EZ-1 Prototype vehicle will accomplish that goal. It’ll be a purpose-designed fleet of EZ-1 EVs catered for extensive use for all kinds of customers, companies or regional authorities. Renault aims to bridge the gap between car utility and the cost of purchase and maintenance, and all that while contributing to the zero CO2 footprint target. The EV will be a fully connected ride-sharing four-wheeler having keyless access and smartphone actuated interaction. Purposely made for urban landscapes, the two-seater electric vehicle is just 2.3-meters in length and suited for tight spaces. With the swappable battery packs, EZ-1 won’t need to take a break for charging and will be able to operate non-stop round the clock.

Renault wants to invest heavily in developing the dedicated charging stations and energy storage solutions for this venture. For starters, they plan to judiciously use the 6,000 Renault dealerships in Europe to develop an ecosystem for the energy transition. Keeping the environment in mind, EZ-1 Prototype is going to be built from 50% recycled materials, and by the end of its lifecycle, it will be 95% recyclable. As Patrick Lecharpy, Mobilize Design director rightly said, “It accompanies users in their lifestyle change towards more efficient and responsible mobility.”

Designer: Renault