The detachable transparent walls of this toaster make for a unique toasting experience!

The typical toaster has three inconveniences: they are bulky, hard to clean, and the electric conductors inside are exposed. Since these problems are present in most of these appliances, they are easy to overlook – or adapt to them. The BOLD toaster offers a solution to these problems: by creating a sleek toaster that disassembles for easy cleaning and has isolated wires for safety. Also, as you may have noticed, it features transparent walls, giving users the oddly satisfying experience of watching their toast darken in front of their eyes.

The BOLD toaster functions slightly differently from standard products. First off, the product’s transparent walls, as mentioned before, detach for easy cleaning – they’re even dishwasher safe! Secondly, you’ll notice that the BOLD has just one long slot for toasting bread pieces, rather than the typical design: stacking them side by side. Also, instead of having the bread pieces pop out from the top of the toaster, they slide out horizontally. The advantage of this design change? It cuts down on the bulk of the appliance without limiting its functionality. After all, does anyone toast one piece of bread at a time?

You don’t see innovation among these smaller kitchen appliances every day, which is why the BOLD transparent toaster caught our eye. It’s a welcome surprise to see unique improvements being made to a product, like a toaster, that seemed to be “locked” into a classic design.

Designer: HOLO Design