Architecture-inspired workout equipment that balances your workout and your interior design!

I was not an active person before 2020. If you, like me, never had a desire to work out, didn’t enjoy running, or were in terrible shape? Ironically, this mentality flipped in quarantine. I’m sure many readers have grown stir-crazy this past year and can relate to this newly spurred desire to exercise. We always want what we can’t have. Living in a small space, however, means limited options for workout equipment. Currently, my arsenal includes water bottles filled with sand and a yoga mat. Even if I could safely go to a gym, I hate exercising in front of other people, who are presumably in better shape than I am. These are struggles that many individuals relate to … and they are struggles that the Arch exercise equipment tries to address.

At first glance, the functionality of the Arch is difficult to place. It looks like … well, an arch (with a stool place in front of it). The product is perfect for fitness in a small space, like my living room. Honestly, the structure could blend into the background – which in this case, is a good thing. The Arch uses resistance bands instead of weights, which take up less storage space while still providing an effective, strength-building workout. It’s a great entry-level workout appliance for exercising newbies like myself. Additionally, the Arch also offers dumbles as add-ons for people who want a more intense workout. The Arch also has a companion app. It’s a great educational and motivational tool to help users try out the different exercises available with the Arch structure.

The product is built specifically for workout needs during quarantine; its slender frame takes up limited space, allowing it to fit into almost everyone’s lifestyle – from beginners to pros. The guiding principles behind the Arch reimagine how society views health and fitness. We tend to equate bulging muscles with peak physical fitness, but in reality, those standards are unrealistic and not necessary for the general public – we’re not bodybuilders, after all! The Arch, on the other hand, encourages users, like me, to set their own fitness goals, instead of comparing themselves to the buff, childhood crushes they still follow on Instagram (also me).

Designer: Gesa Oeljeschläger