Finally, a weighted blanket that’s cozy, breathable, stylish, and machine-washable

There’s something interesting about how weighted blankets play on human psychology. As a child, you’re used to the comfort of having your parents’ arm around you as you sleep. This gentle weight and warmth promote faster, sounder, better sleep, giving you a sense of comfort and protection. This psychological trait lingers on even through adulthood – of feeling safe and protected by warmth and weight, which is why it’s easier to sleep with weighted blankets, and why your quality of sleep is much better with one too!

Traditionally, weighted blankets are a lot like duvets. They’re thick, warm, and do their job okay, except when they don’t. Most weighted blankets are designed to trap body heat, which makes them less breathable and results in you feeling stuffy/sweaty after a few hours. These blankets also come filled with glass beads to give them their weight, and just like a pillow stuffed with cotton, these beads can often relocate and shift around, clustering at one corner and creating uneven weight distribution. They’re also really difficult to wash, considering what’s inside them, and can’t just simply be chucked into a machine on a whim… not to mention the very nightmare of having these beads leak out by accident if your blanket ever springs a leak.

Think of Nuzzie as an oversized sweater, rather than a traditional weighted blanket. Designed to be warm, weighted, yet breathable, Nuzzie uses a loosely knitted technique to ensure you get the effects of a weighted blanket, without the problems of one. With its thick, crocheted design, Nuzzie comes with enough open-spaces to ensure breathability, so you never work up a sweat at night, and the thick tubular fabric offers a more balanced alternative to having a blanket filled with beads that shift around. Moreover, that textured pattern on Nuzzie gives it a stylish edge over traditional blankets. Designed to work as a throw, the Nuzzie can be used in bed, on the couch, or anywhere in the house as a decorative element… and on the off chance that it gets dirty, Nuzzie can easily be washed and dried in the machine, thanks to its proprietary patent-pending DuraFill fabric.

The Nuzzie works as a comforter you can use either in bed or around the house. Its weight gives you a sense of security, helping boost focus, reduce stress, and even calming you down during an anxiety attack. Its textured design even helps provide stimulation around your body’s pressure points, boosting Serotonin to keep you happy while reducing Cortisol, the stress hormone. Moreover, it promotes the body’s natural ability to produce Melatonin too, ensuring you get a long, relaxed, and fitful sleep after a tiring day of work… even if that day ends at 3 am because work-from-home knows no boundaries… *sigh*

Designers: Jonathan Leake & Austin Sheppard of Nuzzie

Click Here to Buy Now: $149 $250 ($100 off). Raised over $170,000.

Nuzzie Knit: The Most Breathable Weighted Blanket

The Nuzzie Knit is a hand-knitted weighted blanket that targets pressure points all around your body making you calm, fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

Therapeutic Grade – Improves sleep quality and calms stress and anxiety.

Supremely Breathable – Stay warm in winter and cool in summer.

Enhanced Durability – Beadless design won’t leak, fray or pill.

Easy Clean Up – Machine washable and dryable.

What’s Wrong with Traditional Weighted Blankets?

Not familiar with weighted blankets? Traditional weighted blankets are:

– Filled with glass beads which can shift around and even leak (no one likes cleaning thousands of glass beads out of their bed)
– Not very breathable, trapping in excess body heat (sweaty nights, gross)
– Not machine washable or machine dryable
– Not very stylish

Benefits & Science Behind Nuzzie Knit

To the left: Nuzzie Knit and to the Right: the Traditional Weighted Blankets.

No More Pesky Glass Beads – Nuzzie Knit ditches the glass beads for our patent pending high density fabric filling, DuraFill™. By using fabric to add weight to the blanket instead of beads, Nuzzie Knit is more comfortable and durable.

Say Goodbye to Sleepless, Sweaty Nights – The open knit design allows air to circulate, for better temperature regulation—you’ll stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Fall Asleep Faster, Stay Asleep Longer – Like other weighted blankets, Nuzzie Knit applies gentle weight to pressure points around your body making you feel instantly calm, grounded and stress-free…just like a swaddled baby. (It’s the same science!)

Weighted blankets have been scientifically shown to improve your sleep quality. The gentle weight targets pressure points around your body, in a process called DPS or “Deep Pressure Stimulation”. DPS activates the central nervous system, modulating its hormone production in beneficial ways. Specifically, it boosts serotonin (happy hormone) and melatonin (sleepiness), while reducing cortisol (stress).

The Nuzzie Knit can be of value to anyone in the following groups:

– Anyone looking to improve their sleep quality
– People who have trouble falling asleep
– Remote workers who want to focus and destress during their work day
– Adults and children with ADHD, anxiety, autism, restless leg syndrome, insomnia, and PTSD

Product Details

The Nuzzie Knit is 80″ long and 60″ wide (the surface area of a queen bed) and weighs 15lbs (perfect weight for anyone weighing 120 pounds or more). The fabric material is made of our proprietary patent pending DuraFill™ which is a high density fiber that is long-lasting and ultra durable.

Click Here to Buy Now: $149 $250 ($100 off). Raised over $170,000.