This nostalgic Walkman inspired Bluetooth speaker uses your smartphone as the cassette!

Kids these days will never know the sheer effort it was to rewind and fast-forward through a cassette to get to one’s favorite song… and the rewarding feeling of joy when you finally hear your song play. Cassettes were a BIG part of my music experience as a kid and I sincerely love them, but to be honest, I don’t miss them. We’ve made a great deal of progress ever since we shifted to listening to music in a digital format, and the Pl8ty Bluetooth speaker embraces it, but also looks back at cassette players with fond nostalgia!

Meet the Pl8ty. It looks like a Walkman, but it is, in fact, an external wireless speaker for your smartphone. It looks like any standard cassette player, complete with controls too, but behind its retro-avatar, it’s a powerful Bluetooth5.0 speaker and a 3200mAh power-bank. In short, it’s made to get your through your day, by charging your phone, as well as charging you up with some smooth tunes! Besides, it opens up so you can slip your smartphone in, like a cassette, effectively acting as a detox-box for your phone when you want to cut down on your screen-time.

On the hardware front, there’s a whole lot about the Pl8ty worth loving. For starters, it comes with a chunky, meaty, colorful design that is sure to grab eyeballs. A clip on the back lets you strap the Pl8ty to your waist, and it even comes outfitted with retro-esque controls like actual playback buttons, a volume knob, a headphone jack (for a private listening experience – provided you still use wired headphones), and even an aux-in so you can connect the speaker directly to a synth, your desktop, or even your vinyl player. It sports a USB-C in to charge the internal 3200mAh battery, and a USB-A out to connect the Pl8ty to other devices as an external charger.

The Pl8ty has a uniquely appealing way of being both old-world yet modern. It embraces what’s good about both eras, in a device that you’re sure to love if you’re a retro-fanatic, or anyone who’s a millennial or older. It works like your conventional Bluetooth speaker, but packs more oomph with an 85db power rating and offers stunning clarity thanks to a wide frequency range. The fact that it even functions as a power-bank for your devices is just icing on the cake! Moreover, it also embraces the old-world joy of listening to music in the 80-90s. The overall aesthetic, pocket clip, and the opening cassette lid are absolutely iconic retro-details, and that headphone jack is a feature that celebrates a golden bygone era. Even the fact that you can slip your smartphone into the speaker (as if it was a cassette) for detox purposes, seems like a very clever touch that helps complete the Walkman experience while also reducing your screen time. So go ahead, belt out some Lionel Ritchie or Wham! and reminisce about the good old days, because heaven knows we need it right now!

Designer: Pl8ty

Click Here to Buy Now: $99 $196 (45% off). Hurry, less than 12 hours left!

Pl8ty – Radical, Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Design inspired by the iconic cassette players of the 80’s, the Pl8ty is an external Bluetooth 5.0 speaker for your smartphone complete with controls and a 3200mAh power-bank.

Click Here to Buy Now: $99 $196 (45% off). Hurry, less than 12 hours left!