This camera-equipped smart soundbar upgrades your Netflix binges as well as your Zoom conferences!

This year has been the year of Netflix and Chill. Movies are now releasing on the streaming platforms because theatres are closed and that has led to many of us investing in a better sound system for our homes. Since we aren’t spending on cheap tickets and expensive popcorn, we can upgrade with tech like this Crestron UC video soundbar! It does a lot more than make binge-watching better, it is actually a smart soundbar that also features video conferencing capabilities and a camera to give your work from home setup a boost as well!

The modular soundbar is available in three different versions, both the camera and sensor are attachable accessories depending on when they are needed. “The basic principle of the design is an architectural hierarchy, that optimizes the use of design elements and material,” describes the team. To make the soundbar more visually streamlined and ‘clean’, all technical elements of the product were moved and placed in a way that they are minimally visible.

The wall bracket, ventilation, and the space for storing cables were especially hidden away to give the soundbar unobtrusive aesthetics. “To reach this area, the entire front part of the product can be easily opened. The front includes the interface with display, speakers, camera, sensor, and led bar, as part of the functional level,” says the team. The Crestron UC video soundbar’s linear and smooth design make it a great addition for your sound system but since we are working from home and our lives are one giant zoom call, I guess this can count as an essential “business expense”!

Designer: Noto Design for Crestron