This elegant lint-remover looks fresh and keeps your woolens looking fresh too

Designed with the sort of charm you’d expect from a bottle of perfume, the Evergreen Lint Remover concept comes with the form that instantly reminds me of Logitech’s MX Vertical mouse. Designed to be held and used in the same manner, it makes sense to fall back on a form that’s quite literally inspired by the gesture you make during a handshake. The Evergreen Lint Remover’s design is easy to hold and perfectly grippy, thanks to the vertical ridges along its body. Switch it on using a button on the top, and blades beneath gently whirr to remove lint and wool beading from sweaters below (sort of like a lawn-mower trims a lawn to keep it looking neat and clean). Simple? Yeah. Sophisticated? Oh, certainly!

Designer: Haha Ha