For every premium cloth mask you buy, this company donates a mask to medical professionals

The very point of wearing a face mask comes from a place of empathy. You wear a mask not only to protect yourself from the virus but to prevent yourself from accidentally spreading any germs to others. Wearing a mask is a way of showing that you respect and care for the people around you… but what if you could do a bit more than that and actually make a difference to more lives than the ones around you?

Masks2Heroes was built around the premise that doctors and medical staff are modern-day superheroes who don’t wear capes, but wear scrubs instead, and wear masks not to protect their identity, but to protect your health. The Masks2Heroes initiative, founded by a group of dedicated individuals from MIT, helps you truly make an impact on the world around you by helping supply medical staff and frontline workers with masks. How does it work? Well, for each mask you buy, medical practitioners are supplied with free KN95 masks that they can use to help further their cause and save people’s lives.

With the Masks2Heroes masks that you buy for yourself, you get to choose between two variants – a premium, stylish, reusable washable cloth mask, or a slightly trendier and more comfortable neck-bandana. The cloth mask looks classier than your conventional face mask and comes with a breathable cotton fabric construction and a PM2.5 filter for extra protection against viral particles, while the neck-bandana takes a more unique, comfortable, and exercise-friendly approach to face-protection. It extends down to your neck and can easily be worn or taken off whenever you want. The neck-bandana uses fabric that wraps around your entire face, making it as comfortable as being draped in a scarf, while being protected from microparticles and microorganisms. Made from moisture-wicking fabric, the bandanas are perfect for joggers and runners, providing nose and mouth protection while absorbing moisture… and since they cover the bottom of your face as well as your neck, they help protect you from harsh sunlight too. Both masks achieve 70%-90% protection efficacy based on published data from the University of Cambridge, helping protect you and others during the pandemic and compliant with government guidelines.

Fresh off the success of Phase 1 of their campaign which saw over 10,000 masks donated and 3,000 masks delivered to backers, the Masks2Heroes initiative is currently looking to supply a second round of face-equipment for medical staff and frontline workers. For each mask that you buy, the Masks2Heroes initiative supplies medical facilities with CE/FDA approved KN95 disposable masks. These masks help tackle the massive deficit of proper FDA-certified KN95 masks that hospital staff need to protect themselves against patients who may or may not be infected by the virus, as well as people coming in contact with these medical professionals who find themselves in harm’s way as they save others. The masks you buy (and subsequently donate), by extension, help save lives in the end too… so if doctors and nurses are the true superheroes, I guess that makes you their loyal sidekicks!

Designer: Masks2Heroes

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Masks2Heroes Part 2 – Get a Premium Fabric Mask, Give a Medical Mask

As many states reopen or plan to reopen soon, the phase 2 goal of Mask2Heroes is to raise $1 million and distribute more than 100,000 masks to front line heroes and provide 100,000 washable masks to individuals, corporations and communities.

When you purchase your own mask, you will also be donating a KN95 disposable surgical mask to one of their frontline heroes (Healthcare professionals and Essential workers). They are selling each mask at cost so that the mask is accessible to as many people as possible.

Their Story

Due to the severe lack of essential PPE in hospitals and the recent recommendation from the CDC advising the general public to wear cloths masks in public, a group of MIT Sloan Executive MBA classmates pooled their expertise and resources in order to help.

The leader of the team, Dr. Ahmed Mady’s family, owns a textile manufacturing factory where they have dedicated two production lines to manufacture face masks at cost and have a production capacity of approximately 50,000 masks per week. They have also secured three suppliers who can provide more than 100,000 KN95 & Surgical disposable FDA approved, CDC certified masks for our frontline workers.

Their Masks

For the general public, the team has designed a face mask that is manufactured from cotton blend/100% cotton fabric. The masks are comfortable, washable and reusable for many times. These masks will achieve more than 70% protection efficacy based on published data from the University of Cambridge.

Face mask Bandana.

A new scientific rationale has indicated that wearing a fabric facemask creates a barrier that blocks projectile droplets during coughing, which may substantially reduce the production rate R, to an extent that may be comparable to social distancing and washing hands. This would then double the effect of mitigation in “flattening the curve”.

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