This smart portable dehumidifier does its job even when you’re away!

With climate change on the rise, humidity is at its peak. Especially in the tropical countries, mid-summer and it’s accompanying rains can make our comfortable homes seem like the center of a rainforest. Coming home from a long day at work, to enter what seems like the kingdom of humidity isn’t the best feeling. Hence product designer Bokyeong Lee created ‘Smoving’, a portable dehumidifier that does its job even when you’re away!

Lee decided to deep dive into understanding what users really want from a dehumidifier. Her research encouraged her to create a product thriving on free mobility and serving its purpose irrespective of anybody being present in the home or not. She added the interesting ‘Turn On Booking’ feature. What’s that now? Well, Lee’s dehumidifier comes equipped with an auto-focus camera, humidity sensor, and a timer. The Turn On Booking allows the user to set a time on the timer. You can set the timer and leave your home at ease. Once you activate the Turn On Booking feature, Smoving goes into Automatic Operation Mode. When the appointed time arrives, and Smoving is in Automatic Operation Mode, the moisture sensor begins to detect and recognize the most humid spots in the home. Once the spot has been detected, the auto-focus camera perceives the surrounding, picking out obstacles, ensuring that the dehumidifier reaches the wet spot without encountering any of them. Smoving dehumidifies the area, maintaining an appropriate level of humidity in turn.

However, equipped with a handle, Smoving can be used manually by the user as well. A smart humidifier that maintains it’s functionality irrespective of our presence is exactly the kind of home appliance we need in today’s day and age. No more walking into your home, only to feel like you’ve entered a steam and sauna!

Designer: Bokyeong Lee