If James Bond were traveling via a public airline, he’d probably use the KABUTO carry-on


KABUTO’s feature list almost sounds like it’s being read out by Q from the James Bond novels. Silent wheels, fingerprint lock, laptop-charging capabilities, detachable backpack, designed to last a lifetime. However, the KABUTO carry-on isn’t a work of fiction by Ian Fleming. It’s a confluence of good design and cutting-edge tech. The result is a bag that’s sleek, silent, can carry enough for a 10-day trip, and can segregate your items, giving you dedicated storage for your electronics in a detachable sleeve you can lug around in case you want to check your bag into a flight.

KABUTO has the undeniable swagger needed to accompany 007 on his missions. Its slick design ditches the cheap plastic caster wheels for actual tires with ball-bearing-hubs making them completely completely silent, allowing you to travel through the airport without any noise. The suitcase comes with a unique expansion system that allows it to grow vertically. The interaction is supported by a mechanism on the inside of the suitcase that lets it slide like a matchbox, expanding the inner compartments by 50% in a swift motion that takes less than 10 seconds. This effectively gives you enough storage for everything from a 3-day work trip to a 10-day holiday… with a dedicated compartment to store your shoes too, because who wears the same footwear through a week long trip??

On the backside of KABUTO lies perhaps its most impressive innovation. The back of KABUTO features a detachable sleeve to store your laptop, tablet, phone, wallet, passport and other essentials. Designed to separate your luggage from your valuables, this sleeve snaps on and off the main carry-on, giving you an instant messenger-bag that you can carry around separately with you. It even helps you speed through your security-check by simply detaching the electronics from the regular storage, as is customary. KABUTO’s main storage also comes with its own removable 10,000 mAh battery-pack to charge your electronics. The battery pack charges not only your phone and tablet, but your laptop too, and relies on an innovative mag-safe-style contact charging pin that connects the main-storage to the detachable sleeve. Think of it as a mag-safe charger that begins working the minute you snap the sleeve to the carry-on, and stops it from charging when you detach the sleeve. All the charging happens while your device is INSIDE its dedicated storage unit, so you don’t need to be worried about plugging and unplugging charging cables.

A bag that’s fit for Britain’s top spy should also be able to perform in the security department, you’d probably say. KABUTO comes made from tough polycarbonate and is practically unbreakable. In fact, the guys who create it even provide a lifetime warranty on any damage, and will either fix or replace the carry-on in the off chance that something ever happens to it… and for the rest of the time, KABUTO’s anti-theft YKK zippers and biometric lock should give you the most secure experience for this futuristic, state-of-the-art carry on. However, the future isn’t too distant. The creators of the KABUTO guarantee shipping before Christmas of 2019, and even offer a refund if they renege on that promise. Sounds like double-O heaven, doesn’t it?

Designer: Jerome Tricault of KABUTO

Click Here to Buy Now: $395 $595 ($200 off).

KABUTO Carry-on: Your Valuables, Always with You

The KABUTO includes a removable back pocket for valuables, silent wheels, fingerprint lock, laptop charger, is 50% expandable and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Get Rid of Your Travel Headaches

A Magnetic Charging Connection

Magnetic charging connection between the back pocket and the suitcase – Imagine it like a Magsafe®, on your carry-on! Your devices will come back to charge automatically when you lock the pocket back in.

Drop your KABUTO and Keep Your Valuables With You

In the Plane

At the Hotel

Your Valuables Always with You

The Fastest Airport Security Check

Integrated Laptop Charger

Integrated a removable battery inside the carry-on, you will NEVER need to remove it:

– to charge your devices
– to charge the battery
– to go through airport security.
– If a TSA agent ask’s you about the battery, simply pull it out in seconds and show thats it’s TSA approved.

To charge the battery, simply connect your USB-C laptop charger to the carry-on. Don’t even open it. A 10,000mAh battery to charge up to:

– 5 times your smartphone
– 2 times your tablet
– 1 time your MacBook Pro 15″
– 1.5 times your MacBook Pro 13″

You can charge your devices …. WHEREVER YOU ARE !

Only 2.5kg / 6.4lb

KABUTO is made out of 80% recycled polycarbonate. It’s so strong that your suitcase is almost unbreakable.

The team have sourced the most efficient Fingerprint sensor on the market currently used on smartphones. Your suitcase will unlock in 1/100 second. The team have developed our own electronics for enhanced security, you can save up to 10 fingerprints for friends & family.

Thousands of customers are using the fingerprint lock on KABUTO Luggage’s first suitcase, and they guarantee 100% TSA compliance. They are providing a back-up key to unlock your carry-on and TSA has one as well.

The bearings are the same used on electric skateboards. Where first priority is long and effortless spinning, these are metallic bearings and not plastic.

With the expandable system, you’ll need below 10s to get 50% more volume. Great for shopping or traveling longer!

A mechanical system to let you sit on your luggage, even when expanded. The flexible fabric designed is similar to Kevlar, it’s called Cutlon®. You cannot even cut it with a knife. Don’t forget, KABUTO is almost unbreakable and has a lifetime warranty.

Fast Access Compartment

A Pop-up Button

Three Different Colors


Click Here to Buy Now: $395 $595 ($200 off).