The Baobab Brolly is the Volvo of umbrellas

When you think of a Volvo, you think of a car that tows the fine line between being aesthetic but also having a reputation for being robust and reliable. The Baobab Brolly too shares that same image. With a steel-nickel frame, and a high-density fabric clad, the entirely handmade Baobab Brolly was designed to do two things. Look good and last long… And it was designed to not do one thing. Get lost or stolen.

The Baobab Brolly comes with its own GPS tracker, built right into the handle. The tracker lets you know exactly where you’ve left your umbrella, via an app on your phone, informing you if it’s lying under a table at your local cafe, or if left it at the office. Quite unlike indoor GPS enabled tracking devices, unless you turn it off, there is always a connection between app and the umbrella. The connection can last till 15 steps (=1,125 cm / 37 Feet ), however when that connection is broken for a minute, the app on the phone alerts you about the broken connection. This how you can prevent the loss of your umbrella. Through bbb.B app you can only track down the last place where there was a connection.

The GPS tracker comes with a battery life of over three years. Couple that with the Baobab Brolly’s sturdy frame and you’ve got yourself a stylish umbrella that lasts 6 times longer than your conventional easy-to-break and easy-to-lose umbrella… And if you ever get bored of your umbrella in those 6+ years, the Baobab Brolly features a swappable design, allowing you to detach your handle and attach it to a Brolly umbrella of a different color!

Designer: Stefan Lee

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Baobab Brolly – Customizable Umbrella with Loss Prevention System

British handcrafted umbrellas featuring loss prevention system (GPS tracker built right into the handle) & based on a modular system (letting you swap just the part you’re not happy with, as opposed to having to discard the whole Brolly), it’s a sustainable solution for the world where everything else is smart.

It’s sustainable and customizable. Brolly can be disassembled down to handle, canopy and tip. It not only offers you the option to personalize your Brolly experience but also improves the umbrella’s natural lifespan.

Know where your umbrella is all the time. They have embedded loss alert smart technology into the handle which is connected to an app on your smartphone.

15 steps. The smart handle features loss prevention system which will go off when the distance between your mobile and your Brolly is greater than 15 steps. It will also let you locate your brolly on the map, thanks to the Beacon tracking system.

Built To Be Strong

Based on British craftsmen’s know-how Brolly applies the original umbrella-making technology (developed and tested for over 150 years) and enhances it with nickel frame and strengthened iron ribs to ensure you are prepared for the worst weather.

Windproof frame study.

Solid and resilient steel nickel frame.

Wind tunnel test.


Open Up to Color

Urban Classic Grey, Urban Classic Apricot, Urban Classic Deep Green, Urban Classic Black.

Did you know 85% of us tend to use black umbrellas? bbb.B offers your broad range of colors that will make a rainy pavement your personal runway.

High-Quality Materials and Handmade

From the start of the production to the final ironing, all of their umbrellas are 90% handmade by trained craftsmen.

Brolly offers more advanced waterproofing than other umbrellas in the market due to its fabric. The fabric is made of 75 strands of polyester tied together in a single thread. It has more than 30% higher density compared to other umbrellas available on the market, with the same 75T fabric.

Did you know that you can use Brolly for sun protection too? The effect may differ between the colors but you can expect UV blocking of anything between 90% (Urban Classic Black) to 60% (Urban Classic Light Gray).

Click Here to Buy Now: $123 $184 (32.89% off).