The PurePort is a hygienic cleaning tool for your smartphone’s crevasses

You’ve got clippers for your nails, earbuds for your ears, pluckers for your eyebrows, and charcoal masks for your pores… but what about your phone? What about when you need to clean and maintain those ridiculously tiny speaker and microphone holes, or that charging port that is surely getting filled with lint from your pockets? Yeah, you use a safety pin or a paper clip, don’t you, you savage!

I’ll confess, I’ve dug out lint from my charging port with a safety pin too. That’s probably because I had no idea something as specific as the PurePort existed in the first place. Built explicitly for cleaning your ports, jacks, and cables to prolong their life, PurePort is a multitool (and also a fidget spinner) that comes with all the tools you need to keep your device… um, well groomed, shall I say.

Any dust, dirt, or lint in your ports can make effectively connecting your charging cable rather difficult, but more than that, it can damage your cables as well as your phone. Lint can cause electric arcing which can damage your phone’s or cable’s connector pins by causing them to blacken through oxidation. PurePort’s set of tools helps clean out your port without damaging any circuitry the way a sharp metal object like a safety pin would. It comes with a set of brushes designed to scrub any dirt or lint out of the port, while smaller tools make it effective to reach those difficult spots too, helping you clean your speaker grill, microphone, and even earpiece. PurePort even helps you maintain cables by scrubbing the black oxide layer off your lightning connector. An abrasive head allows you to buff the oxide right off, making those cables last longer than they would have, because nobody’s got time to buy a new $999 phone or shell out 20 bucks every time your cable stops working properly… right?

Designer: Kate Swinnerton