The AirFlex pants want to permanently put an end to denim

Aside from its ecological impact, denim isn’t that great to be honest. It takes tonnes of water to manufacture, and aside from its ubiquity, denim is neither comfortable/flexible nor lightweight. All denim offers is durability, but most of that is owed to the fabric’s thickness, and a casual style.

AirFlex Labs is trying to challenge that status quo with their Tech Pants, featuring a fabric that looks like denim and is as durable as denim, but is thinner, more breathable, flexible, and comfortable to wear. Combining performance synthetic fibers like Tencel and Polyamide with Japanese 10oz Pima cotton, AirFlex’s engineered fabric combines the best of all worlds. It has an impressive four-way stretch, is breathable, wicks moisture rapidly, resists wrinkles, lasts as long as denim does, and does all this while being 30% lighter than denim.

The revolutionary “I-can’t-believe-it’s-not-denim” fabric comes in Airflex’s tech pants, designed to be worn at work, after work, while traveling, or just going about your day. The pants come with as many as 6 pockets (including a stealth pocket) to carry all your belongings, and are reinforced with YKK zippers and extra durable rivets for fashion that lasts long. Designed for both active as well as at-desk lifestyles, the Tech Pants even come with gel-pads around the waist, strategically placed to add lumbar support and relieve back pain. Imagine having an invisible back-cushion built right into your pants’ waistband, giving you comfort as you travel or even while you’re sitting for long hours.

Available in 3 colors, and in both straight and slim fits, the Tech Pants are the perfect alternative to denim jeans or even chinos. They’re breathable, wrinkle-resistant, anti-pilling, moisture-wicking, and weigh just 0.6 pounds. Plus, where else could you possibly find pants with back-supporting gel-pads built into the waistband?!

Designers: Rene Lesmes & Niket Pandya

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AirFlex 6 Pocket Tech Pants

The best alternative to heavy work denim, we combine performance synthetic fibers with Japanese 10oz pima cotton. Extra breathable. Maximum Stretch. Gel padded waistband. The Airflex Tech pants bridge the gap between heavy sweaty work denim, and breathable stretchy yoga pants.

The Airflex Tech collection is inspired by photographers. Shooting long hours in unexpected conditions; comfort and movement is key. They designed a pair of technical pants which bridge the gap between durability and performance. Built to outlast any heavy duty work pants, while offering the feel and comfort of performance active pants. Wether you plan to shoot photos on a hike, or have a full day at the office: You will be comfortable and look professional.

The secret sauce to our comfort comes from the technical fabric blend we use to create the AirFlex Tech pants. The fibers combines performance textile polyamide with tencel to give a extra comfortable four way stretch, while keeping a a solid feel to keep the pants looking crisp enough to wear to the boardroom.

Traditional Work Denim as a critical flaw: they weight over 12 oz. The result is a pair of pants which trap heat causing sweat, do not allow comfortable movement, and inherently difficult to wear into the field or office for long periods of time. We decided to improve that.

Starting with the basics, we researched and developed our modern F3 Technical Fabric, which provides extra breathability with durable stretch fibers. The result is a pair of pants which can be worn days in a row without sacrificing hygiene or comfort.

The Colors

The Features

Work related stress and posture is the number 1 cause of chronic back pain. Whether sitting in a chair for 5 hours a day, or being on the move- your back takes the most crucial aftermath.

This coupled with a restrictive fabric result in not only back pain, but stress to the thighs and knees. They figured wearing basketball short or sweatpants could fix this problem- but they just didn’t look that great.

Their patent pending AirFlex Waistband™ strategically placed a semi liquid gel padding on the lower back and hips- the area where chronic back typically starts.

The padding gives the extra support to ease stress especially when sitting for long period of time. With shock absorbing capabilities, the AirFlex Waistband™ is a game changer for people on the move.

Their unique blend of polyamide, tencel and pima cotton allows an amazing cooling effect is humid climates, while keeping you warm in the cooler months. Our blend and weave of polyamide and cotton allow the Airflex pants to resist moisture extremely well.

Without using any hazardous sprays (Teflon Fluoropolymer), these pants will wick away small amounts of water (so spilling your water bottle won’t ruin your morning). The high elasticity allows a durable stretch which keeping a breathable shell for unexpected climates.

Why The Airflex Pants Are Not Your Average Denims

Lightweight at only 10 ounces, we composed these pants of modern fibers which are ideal to rock on a long travel journey. The tencel and polyamide base allow the pants to resist wrinkles, and perfect to pack into a backpack and re-wear with ease.

Combining breathable tencel with lightweight polyamide, the Airflex Tech pants feature durable stretch with 30% increased air-flow. The result is an incredibly versatile pair of pants which feel like performance gym pants, which boasting the benefits of everyday work denim.

With mobile phones getting larger with each release, it’s vital to have a large and secure space to store that big phone. Our invisible tech pocket does just that. Extra spacious 8 inch hidden side pocket allows you to stash your phone, passport, cash, and just about anything that you need zipped away on your commute.

Fits Available

The Modern Straight fit is our take on the classic Straight leg cut inspired by Levi’s 501. With a straight fit from the hip to the thigh, and slightly tapered at the hem, the design is created to feel comfortable even if you have larger or more athletic legs than average.

Not your average skinny jeans- Our tapered slim combines the sleek look of fitted pants, with added space is stress areas.We felt more space at the hips would allow a further range of movement than typical skinny cut pants or denim. We think of these as Slim pants made for performance.

Easy to Pack

Click Here to Buy Now: $88 $128 ($40 off).