What would a Tesla-made Le Mans racecar look like?

I’ll tell you what it would look like. Short of having Elon Musk’s flamethrower as an afterburner, a Tesla racecar would be all kinds of awesome. Even Miguel Angel Bahri feels so, as is captured in his conceptual Tesla T1 racer. Originally designed for the Michelin Design Challenge, the Tesla T1 is a conceptual Le Mans racecar with an electric drivetrain powered – in part – by the wind hitting against your vehicle when you drive at high speeds. The car comes with specially designed wheels that have independently rotating turbines in them that begin to generate power to the four individual drivetrains, along with a massive turbine right behind the driver that rotates more the faster you drive, generating power for the car. It’s an incredibly ambitious concept, but so was landing all three boosters of the Falcon 9, digging a tunnel under the ground to circumvent traffic, and creating a brain-to-machine interface… in short, nothing’s quite impossible for Mr. Musk. You’d probably wonder that those turbines would need to create sufficient drag to rotate fast, and you’d be right, but the car would probably more than make up for that by giving it the range it needs to complete the 24 hour Le Mans race.

Designer: Miguel Angel Bahri