Exam times needs this pen with timer!

Exams are tense and often stressful events; the silence of the hall paired with the frantic sound of scribbling pens on paper can all add up to becoming a fear-inducing experience. These time-sensitive tasks often require you to work right up until the very last second, so efficiency is key. So what you don’t want to be doing is checking your watch every five minutes and wasting valuable time. This is where Timer Cap comes in.

Timer Cap has been designed to come in two forms, a ballpoint pen and a retro-fit addition for pencils. It requires very little interaction with its user only having to set the timer at the start of the exam. Vibrant colors visually indicate the time remaining and once this time is up the user will be alerted with a little ‘clang’.

Designer: Jade Jinwon Heo

“You can manage the exam time and practice taking the exam thoroughly, since you can control time in the timer of Timer Cap, using the spring which is pushed into again, when you pull it upwards manually. Besides, the color of the timer changes every twenty minutes so you can check the time left, visually,” Heo explained.

“Timer Cap consists of two kinds: a cap type to put into a pencil, and a ball-point pen type, so you can use it appropriately, depending on writing supplies to use for the exam or exam practice,” Heo continued.