Built with graphene based technology, Solus is the most efficient radiator


The humble domestic radiator is something which is often overlooked within the design world, and because of this the inefficient, money-sapping and visually out-dated product is in need of a much-needed re-design. Luckily the team at KOLEDA have created an alternative… and it changes the game. Designed with efficiency firmly in mind, SOLUS could save you over 80% on your next heating bill due to its clever use of the completely new graphene-based technology. The nanotech coating has returned test results that are 5x more efficient than conventional radiators… so it’s easy to see why it could save you a lot of money!

Visually, the radiator has also received the design treatment; minimalist design has been used to create a product that works will the space around it, the sleek form is just 10mm thick, whilst the lightweight tempered glass creates a striking, black reflective finish. Allowing SOLUS to be seamlessly integrated into the domestic environment.

So, it’s a modern radiator that efficiently warms the room, is kind to nature and knocks a significant amount off your monthly bill… what more could you ask for?!

Designer: KOLEDA

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Built with their patent pending nanotech coating and graphene based heating element, SOLUS will save you approximately 80% off the cost of your heating (compared with conventional water based radiators) and over 95% off the cost of your heating (if you heat your home with other electric radiators). Built to simply plug and play, SOLUS can be integrated into any home in a matter of seconds.

Ultra Efficiency – Graphene Based Heating Technology

Their patent pending, graphene based nanotech coating is the core of SOLUS. Their nanotech coating has been tested to be around 5x more efficient than water based radiators and over 20x more efficient than any other electric radiator on the market.

SOLUS’ efficiency is here to last. Unlike conventional electric radiator technology, their nanotech coating doesn’t suffer from oxidation or create stray magnetic fields. This ensures SOLUS will be as efficient in 30 years, as it is now.

Up To 20x Less Power Usage

Their unique heating technology works with both traditional convection based heating as well as infra-red heating, meaning that each SOLUS unit can heat a 15m2 space with up to 20x less power usage.

With a SOLUS system the average home heating bills would be reduced around $175, leaving you to enjoy the extra $670 savings each year to spend on things that matter to you the most.

Minimalist Design

Crafted from ultra lightweight tempered glass, with a total thickness of only 10mm and total weight of 4.5kg, SOLUS is both sleek and portable. SOLUS’ striking black reflective design can be used freestanding or wall mounted (with the included accessories). SOLUS is designed to fit seamlessly into your home.


SOLUS is designed to simply plug and play into a standard mains socket. Using the included feet, SOLUS can be up and running in a matter of seconds, or with the included wall mounts, SOLUS can be easily attached to the wall in the same way as a standard radiator.

SOLUS’ simple design and portability means that it’s a system designed to grow with you as your lifestyle and home changes. Even renters with old and inefficient electrical heaters can take advantage of SOLUS by simply plugging directly into a mains socket and then taking SOLUS with you when you move.

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