Increasing the Enjoyment of Shared Living


Whether it’s in a flat or a house share, co-living has become a significant part of the student lifestyle, whether this is because of the financial advantages or sociable nature, it is increasing in popularity amongst millennials. However, what living in compact spaces don’t always cater to, is a sense of privacy… and that’s where KŌDEN comes in.

KŌDEN uses its form to divide the shared spaces and create rooms within rooms! However, this is far more than just a sound-deadening, fabric-covered divider; mounted to one of the branch-like posts is the Ambient Projector, which can instantly change the quality of the ‘room’s’ambiance! This is achieved through a full -spectrum of LED lights and High Definition Audio and allows for the creation of tranquil spaces that feature gentle lights and natural sounds, through to dynamic environments that are filled with energetic music and pulsing lights!

This compact, easy to store and beautifully designed product could completely alter how we divide our rooms.

Designer: Martin Luu







The dividers provide control over the physical use of space. The combination of sturdy steel and soft, sound-dampening fabrics create a functional and aesthetic design meant for the home. Toolless assembly and light weight components allow the design to be easily set up and altered for different future uses.


Ambient Projector

With the use of digital sound and audio experiences, KŌDEN can instantly change the quality of a rooms ambiance. KODEN’s Ambient Projector transforms small spaces through light and sound. The wifi-enabled device gives habitants full control over the ambient experience. At the tap of a screen, users can fill the immediate area with full spectrum LED and HD audio. From dim lights and rain sounds for relaxation, to pulsing lights with high energy music, this connected device creates dynamic environments tailored to different co-living situations within the home.


Audio plays a critical role in constructing the ideal environment. The ambient projector is programmed with focus and sleep sounds; rain water, campfires, birds whistling, white noise, and more. These ambient sounds help to drown out unwanted disturbances, without being too distracting themselves. The subtle noise is capable of improving focus, reducing anxiety, and boosting creativity.

Ambient sound can also improve social activities, releasing tension and imbuing the space with energy. Connected to a smart device, KŌDEN can stream music and other media, offering a unique and enriching experience.