The Ever-lasting Pen!

The ManualPen pairs simplistic design with precision engineering, this results in a pen that creates a truly unique writing experience. By being machined out of a single piece of metal with exceptional levels of precision, it has allowed ManualPen to compose of just two parts, the solid metal body and rechargeable cartridge.

This led to the need for a unique fixing mechanism; a slightly bent clip securely holds the cartridge in place to eliminate any unwanted movement, whilst ensuring it can still be slid with just a satisfying movement of a fingertip! And with the introduction of a CNC machined bore, a precise and flush fitment of the cartridge has been achieved. This isn’t just any ordinary cartridge either… the pressurized Fisher Space cartridge not only carries a complimenting metal body, but also ensure that ManualPen will write in any condition you throw at it; from extreme temperatures through to zero gravity… ManualPen has you covered!

This hardwearing, long-lasting pen is sure to be a valued addition to your collection… as well as making for an excellent conversation starter!

Designer: Kristoph Krisjans

Click Here to Buy Now: $45.



ManualPen has no separate parts inside that could ever break- just the solid metal body and rechargeable cartridge.

They have designed a unique cartridge fixing mechanism that holds it securely in the pen while allowing you to easily slide the cartridge in and out.


In closed position the cartridge is fully hidden inside the pen.


The slightly bent clip puts a light pressure on the cartridge preventing it from sliding out of the pen’s body. At the same time, it is super easy to slide the cartridge with your fingertip.


The inside bore is machined with the highest precision so that there are no unnecessary movements between body and cartridge. The tip stays still ensuring the best writing experience.

The milled groove on the side edge allows to conveniently slide out the cartridge with your thumb, at the same it prevents the pen from rolling on flat surfaces.


For the ManualPen cartridge is just as important as the casing because it serves as a part of the pen’s opening mechanism. The Fisher Space cartridge is the perfect fit because of its durable metallic body and universal writing qualities.

Click Here to Buy Now: $45