A Durable Monitor for Our Four-Legged Friends

A dog’s journey from A to B often doesn’t follow a well-maintained path, our adventurous four-legged friends seek excitement in some of the muddiest of places, from shallow streams to boggy fields… they are just attracted to dirt! So naturally, this means that any dog-friendly wearable must be able to keep up with this demanding lifestyle! RAWR does just that!

RAWR is an all-weather ready, robust smart collar that features a rugged design. Packed into the dirt and splash resistant exterior is a vast amount of technology aimed at assisting the dog’s owner during the daily walk. Their mind is put at rest as the device can aid in the location of a lost dog, it uses GPS, cellular and Wi-Fi to pinpoint the exact location of the wandering pet. On top of this, an array of sensors continuously monitor the dog’s vitals, this information is relayed back to the user’s smartphone, so any worrying changes can be acted on immediately!

Designer: Nikita Bukoros

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