This clever cup is your cheat-book to being a Barista


What if, instead playing it by judgement, you knew exactly how much of espresso and foamed milk you needed to make a perfect, creamy macchiato, or what the ratio of espresso to steaming water made the ideal Americano. Luckily, with the Multi Ccino Mug, you don’t need to base your barista skills on your ability to visually judge intensities by looking at the color. The Multi Ccino Mug, a cup so clever it got inducted into the MoMA Store, comes with a borosilicate build, and a very convenient guide across its side that explains the ratios of various types of coffees, from the strong single-serve of espresso to the macchiato to the cortado, caffé au lait, Americano, flat white and the cappuccino. Follow the instructions for a perfect, consistent cup of coffee every time. Transfer the contents to another cup when you’re serving your friends, so your clever trade-secret is kept safe!

Designer: Josh Corn

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