The Voyage Sleep Mask is Designed for Instant Power-naps

Designer Matt Benedetto loves to travel. As a result, he knows pretty much every con there is to traveling. Whether it’s not having the correct travel bag to accommodate your luggage, or whether it’s the fatigue associated with red-eye flights, Matt has spent a sufficient amount of time designing products that make traveling and spending time outdoors easier.

Designed to make long commutes easier, the Voyage Sleep Mask is a padded microbead eye mask that follows the contours of your face to absolutely cut out any light that might sneak in. The padded pillowy eye-mask applies a light pressure on your eyes, not only keeping light from trickling in, but also massaging them to lull you into a slumber. The lycra construction on the outside stretches wonderfully to fit around your face, while the microfiber inner lining feels great against the skin and eyes. With a velcro strap at the back, you can strap the sleep mask around your head as tight or loose as you want, and the mask comes with its own miniature nylon drawstring bag that you can easily fold your Sleep Mask into and stash in your travel bag.

Benedetto’s Sleep Mask works perfectly with the travel pillow he designed last year. Both come with a microbead filling that adjusts to the contours of your body, giving you a comfortable and snug surface to rest against as you grab a few winks. The eye mask’s puffy design also makes it great for sleeping with your head facing downwards… because there’s nothing worse than wasting a 10-hour flight trying to catch some shut-eye and not getting any!

Designer: Matt Benedetto

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The Voyage Sleep Mask is the compact and adjustable sleep mask with 360° microbead padding for the perfect nap for your daily commute, a mid-day power nap, camping adventure, international flight, and anywhere in between!


The Voyage Sleep Mask features 360° microbead padded comfort around your entire head to allow for maximum support when it’s time for you to take a nap. Find your own perfect position to rest your eyes knowing you’ll find comfort and support from any angle.





They designed the Voyage Sleep Mask with their multi-layer support for equal distribution of padding throughout. Never worry about the microbeads falling all to one section of the Voyage Sleep Mask.



Enjoy the perfect fit around your head with our fully adjustable velcro design. This design allows the Voyage Sleep Mask to fit almost any head shape and size while enabling the customization of pressure against your face.


Use the velcro to loosely wear it around your neck for quick access between naps.


Bring your Voyage Sleep Mask with you on every adventure with our included carrying case! Simply Roll the sleep mask in a compact ball before heading out. The carrying case features our signature water-resistant nylon fabric found within our Voyage Bag which features a custom two tone topographic print and a paracord closure.



Simply roll it up into the carrying case and be on your way to your next adventure.



They selected the best possible fabrics to add flexibility with a soft touch and feel against your body for amazing comfort. The exterior fabric is comprised of our flexible poly-spandex blend fabric which allows to a light stretch to move with your body just as you do. The interior plush fleece fabric will feel extremely soft again your skin allowing you to easily and comfortably fall asleep.


select the colorway that best fits your life! Similar they strive to let their products speak for themselves! The Voyage Sleep Mask features extremely minimal branding to never get in the way of your next nap!


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