The HM9 Flow is less of a watch and more of a time-telling kinetic sculpture


Clearly taking inspiration from the streamlined aerodynamic body of an airplane, the HM9 Flow by MB&F is a sheer pleasure to look at, with its unconventional, curvilinear body and luxury steampunk aesthetic.

The movement within the HM9 Flow is developed in-house and is produced from 301 parts being manually-wound with 45 hours of power reserve. Three exhibition windows on the top give you a clear view of the enchanting movement of the twin balance wheels on each flank, accompanied by a planetary differential that averages their output, giving you an accurate reading on the dial that’s located on a vertical surface that faces you when you have your hands around the steering wheel, allowing you to casually glance at the time as you navigate your automobile.

The case is made entirely from titanium, with as many as five curved sapphire crystal windows (three on top, one on the side, and one on the back) giving you a view of the time and the bespoke movement that’s responsible for it. MB&F plans to produce only 33 of these remarkable timepieces, albeit with a hefty price tag of $182,000. These stellar jpegs, however, are for free.

Designer: MB&F