A Bed That Gives You A Cuddle


For many, our beds are our happy places. They are where we start and finish most of our days and where we rewind from the daily stresses of our busy lives! When we think of a bed providing us with the ultimate relaxation and comfort, we would normally connect this directly with the mattress, but what if the bed itself could contribute to this factor?

Well that’s the objective of the Cuddle bed, which features a flexible, cushioned headboard that’s packed full of functional features! Each side of the headboard can be pivoted by the user to create a sense of privacy and secureness that conventional beds are missing. This movement is reminiscent of the gentle human interaction that is hugging, or cuddling, adding an element of comfort to the design.

The cushioned sideboard also removes the need for a bulky side table; the large pockets are perfect for storing smart devices and books in when the time comes to get some well-needed sleep!

Designers: Weichih Chen & Fuhua Wang