The Soundots Can Connect Like Lego to Build a Hi-fi Audio System

Take a look at any image. Zoom as far as you can into it and you see the foundation of the image. The pixel. Multiple pixels come together, forming bigger, more detailed images. Now imagine that with sound. Light can be treated as a particle, but you can’t quite do that with sound… However, think about modularity in audio. One speaker sounds great, but add two and you’ve got a louder speaker with the ability to provide stereo output. Join five of the speakers together and you’ve got a home theater… something 5 times more powerful, with the ability to achieve surround sound too. What’s more, the software can even make sure each speaker, instead of playing the same audio, can tackle individual frequency ranges, dividing the work between themselves to produce well-balanced audio that’s strong on the low ends, middles, and uppers.

That’s pretty much the idea behind the Soundots Ai-2. Designed in a way that lets you build your audio like never before, the Soundots Ai-2 lets you create your perfect speaker with the intuitive modular action of Lego. Individual speakers can be used on their own, delivering 15W out of two 48mm drivers… but take another Soundots Ai-2 and plug it into the first one and they instantly pair (thanks to Bluetooth 5.0 and a dazzlingly fast processor), delivering even richer, even more powerful audio. You can keep adding Soundots to the mix, either horizontally to give yourself a complete sea of surround sound, or layer Soundots one on top of the other for a powerful wall of audio. The Ai-2 comes with the ability to realize where it’s being plugged, and can optimize the sound based on the shape you’re building. Arrange them linearly and the Soundots focus on surround sound, stack them vertically and they’ll balance the audio out, taking care of the lows, mids, and the highs. You can then connect them to your phone or playback device via bluetooth, or to your vinyl player via the 3.5mm out, or even hook the Soundots to a smart speaker via the USB-C port present on the back.

The genius of the Soundots are that if you want a bigger speaker, you don’t need to ditch your small speaker for a bigger one. Just add to what you’ve already got. This format reduces electronic waste, and more importantly, builds brand loyalty. The designers behind the Soundots Ai-2 say that the Ai-2 is compatible with their older model, the Ai-1, and will be compatible with all future models. You can use the speakers individually, or together to form what would be the audio equivalent of a detailed image formed by multiple pixels. Now that’s just insanely clever, isn’t it?!

Designers: Fredrik Gunnarsson & Victor Isaksen

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Ai-2 is the next evolution in the Soundots series – the Swedish wonder sound system that you stack, shape and reshape to your heart’s content. The stacking, by the way, is not just a cool feature: it’s the core of the Soundots functionality.





Make Your Home Cinema Sing

Place three Soundots in front of your TV and create a powerful crystal clear soundbar for all your movies, series and games. Going out? Grab just one of the Soundots on the go and enjoy up to eight hours of wireless music bliss. Remember: you can stack as many Soundots as you want. Crank it up!

Lighting Fast Adaptation

With built-in artificial intelligence and lightning fast optical communication technology, Soundots was made to optimize and enhance your listening experience on every occasion. Every single piece of hardware and every line of code in our technologies was made to serve this purpose and is fully developed in house.


The Soundots Ai-2 can be used as a stand-alone speaker or sound system, but is also fully compatible with the existing Soundots Ai-1. Our award-winning sound system simply got better.

Two USB-C connections allow for more efficient charging. This also opens up for a greater range of external connections! Connect to wifi, Alexa, Chromecast etc. with ease.

Fiber-armed plastic chassis for increased durability and sustainability. Feel comfortable carrying it in a backpack: it can take a punch! Soundots was made to be used.

Improved locking-mechanism. We developed a new and improved magnetic system for locking your Soundots side-by-side to each other.

A wider range of RGB lighting options makes the sound system even more expressive. Let your system light up the party or shut the lights off for movie night!

Improved touch-panel, now located on top of the speaker for easy access. Everything can also be controlled via the Soundots app (available for iOS and Android).

Integrated Bluetooth 5.0 technology for even faster and more stable Bluetooth connectivity.

A substantial update to the main processor with four times the capacity of that in the Ai-1.

– And hey! New color! Who doesn’t love matte black? The tried and tested Industrial Gray is of course always available.



Click here to Buy Now: $159.00 $310.00 (48% off). Hurry, less than 72 hours left!