Most multitools overdo it. The Kershaw Pub is just right.

The Kershaw Pub is a knife first and foremost, but it’s a multitool too. Its unique design makes you notice the knife aspect of it first, before you grasp that it’s more than just a knife, and that’s worth appreciating. Designed with a blade and a swiveling sheath, the Kershaw Pub (yes, it’s built to be the perfect pub EDC) reveals a bottle-opener comes with a rather rustic yet beautiful looking sheepsfoot blade with a stone-washed finish at one end, and a bottle opener and screw-driver at the other. The blade comes with a loop at its opposite end that hides within the sheath when open, and when closed, exposes itself and can be used as a carabiner clip.

The handle for the blade comes in an anodized aluminum finish in black as well as blue, but if you’re an enthusiast, there’s a carbon-fiber variant too! Small yet incredibly versatile, like most multitools, the Kershaw Pub may have been designed for your local watering hole, but you’re probably going to carry it everywhere with you!

Designer: Kershaw Knives

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