Audi, meet Robocop!


There’s something distinctly Robocop-esque about the Audi R5 concept by Maik Müller. It comes with soft curves, but still manages to look bold, rugged, and here to save humanity. Designed for his diploma project, the R5 explores an aesthetic that cars may adopt in the next 20 or so years.

The form exercise results in a rather interesting looking car with air intakes on the front, back, and even the top. The intakes cover the wheels of the car to give it the appearance of floating or gliding on the roads rather than rolling against the asphalt. The windscreen, although present, is colored in, probably indicating an autonomous drive, whereas the absence of side windows or even a rear view glass helps confirm the theory. What’s interesting is also the presence of fins on the top and the side, making the car look less traditional and more futuristic, perhaps like it’s designed for super speeds. The color combination, however, has cyborg (I say Robocop) written all over it with its blend of metallic colors that accentuate its ‘I mean business’ vibe!

Designer: Maik Müller