Lenovo wants to literally merge the tablet and smart-speaker


Looking like the Echo got friendly with a tablet PC, Lenovo’s Tab4 wants to combine the best of technologies to give you something that just simply works. The Tab4 is part tablet, part smart-speaker. The clever bit? They dock together when you want to use them as an individual unit, and separate out when you need to roam around your house, working as two separate yet connected entities.

It’s clever that Lenovo is combining the tablet and the smart speaker like this. Not only does it allow Lenovo to join the smart-home race, it also lets it quietly and surely push its tablet forward. The Tab4 docks within the speaker unit, working together with it and charging when docked. It also allows you to have a much more visual user experience with your smart speaker, which is normally operated only vocally. Working much like the Echo Show, the tablet and speaker deliver a seamless experience when paired, and when used independently, work just the way you would expect a tablet and a smart speaker to work. I’m quite liking this two-for-one approach, and if that means boosted sales for Lenovo tablets, that’s just a stroke of genius!

The Tab4 is a winner of the A’ Design Award for the year 2018.

Designer: Lenovo Design Group