Who said time isn’t linear?

Well, time isn’t exactly linear… but neither is the Continue Time clock by Sander Mulder. Allowing time to traverse down a path and change angles in a way that helps you read the time, the Continue Time can be read only by allowing your eye to follow the path that the singular hand of the clock takes. Instead of having all three hands pivoted at the same center, the Continue Time has three separate pivots for three separate hands, arranged in a way that makes it look like one large watch hand that bends and folds like a spider’s leg doing a rather intricate dance around the clock in a way that creates a new art-piece every second for the next 12 hours.

It might take a little getting used to, reading the time off the Continue Time clock (the time in the image below should read 03:42:10, by my estimation), but the clock’s design stems more from art and philosophy rather than from plain boring functionality. It shows you that time can’t be split into hours, minutes, and seconds, but rather, hours, minutes, and seconds are just connected fragments of time as a whole. On a side note, I’d probably waste a lot of time staring at this beauty! Call it irony if you will.

Designer: Sander Mulder