Need a Beer? Ring the Bell


It’s that time of year when trying to buy the gift for the person that has everything becomes an impossible task. Well let me ask you this; Do they like beer? Do they act like a prince? Do they want a bottle opener mixed with a bell for Christmas? Who doesn’t?

Studio Dejawu has designed a gorgeous bottle opener for Normann Copenhagen, and although it may be seemingly novel, the Bell Opener is a groovy addition to anyone’s countertop. Available in a variety of high-quality finishes, the Bell Opener is a crossover of Scandinavian design language and absurd cross-functionality.

I can already imagine someone looking for the bottle opener at a party and hearing it jingle in the next room. I know for a fact that if someone begins to fall asleep at any of the parties around Christmas, this will be sure to wake them right back up.

Designer: Studio Dejawu for Normann Copenhagen

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