Do Hue have the Time?


Time is precious, and many of us have our own perceptions on telling it. Whether that be the color of the sky, the dial on a watch or even the ending music of your favorite show on TV. Dae-hoo Kim describes it as a numerical representation of a moment.

“Our time is flowing, time and light are most closely related. Through this design, I wanted to express the continuous change of light with the clock.”

Smartly designed, the internal gradient comprises of a palette which expresses emotions for the time and continuous light changes during a day. While the hour hand rotates 360 degrees for 12 hours, the internal color palette rotates only 180 degrees – providing a full 24 hour day. Albeit this clock may be more challenging to read with its minor ambiguities, it is a beautiful reminder of time, and its emotional complexities not often seen on a daily basis.

Designer: Dae-hoo Kim