The light this torch produces is ‘fair’ and ‘square’

Switch your torch or mobile flashlight on and you’ll notice a few things immediately. A. It’s a circular beam of light. B. It’s naturally brightest at its center. The Bushnell 165 HD is nothing like any of those point-source lights. This torch uses patented, clever light play to create a uniformly lit square beam of light with no “brightest center”. In the outdoors, this makes the Bushnell 165 the most functionally superior torch, because a square beam of light covers more area than the inscribed circle. Plus, with its uniform brightness, the Bushnell allows you to see your subject clearly even if it isn’t in the center of the beam.

At 165 lumens, and with a waterproof design, the Bushnell 165 is the handiest outdoor torch there. Plus, that perfect consistently bright square beam really makes you question whether that flashlight you have in your drawer is truly of any use.

Designer: Bushnell