The ultimate dust-royer


When you think of vacuums, there are probably a few images that come to mind – the engineering aesthetics of Dyson, the loveable face of Henry the Hoover or the old reliable clunky hard-shelled Bosch and Siemens of the past. Well, what if you were to take the brilliance of both the emerging Chinese and Korean design languages and transform the handheld vacuum – you’d stumble upon the Handy Vacuum Cleaner designed by Myeonghoon Lee & Yubin Choi.

This product is edgy, coming off as intimidating almost, something that you would pick up in the toughest of situations and never bat an eye. This handheld vacuum is a dust-royer. The cyclone and motor located just under the handle, have a visual appearance like that of a futuristic concept bike, adding a subtle flair with the orange highlight. There is one area that I feel Lee and Choi rushed, which was the charging unit. With the Dyson handheld vacuum, the charging unit can be mounted to a wall, like that inside a closet, and the interaction of docking the vacuum is an effortless process, a carefully thought out one. It’s features like the Dyson charging unit that make good products great.

Designers: Myeonghoon Lee & Yubin Choi