Bedside clock combined with a bright idea!


Night lamp when you want it and an alarm when you need it, the Oittm Intelligent Wake Up Alarm Clock is the one and only device you’ll need on your bedside table. The conical device can be used as two products when placed in two different orientations. Keep on its flat base and it functions as a night lamp, with its translucent body lighting up thanks to a bulb on the inside. However, you can even keep it on its conical surface and the flat base reveals a matrix of LEDs that light up to tell the time while even working as an alarm. What’s more interesting is the clock’s ability to showcase the time in the right orientation no matter how it’s kept (because the cone is bound to roll around). The Oittm Intelligent Wake Up Alarm Clock even comes with a humidity and temperature sensor, letting you measure the weather in your bedroom. Plus, with a rather convenient lanyard, you can even carry the Oittm around as a night-lantern for quick midnight bathroom visits. Prop it back on your bedside table when you’re done and the Oittm alarm goes back to being the best all-rounder bedside gadget you never knew you wanted!

Designer: Oittm