A Keyboard Made for the Masses


It’s easy to look at something industrial and appreciate its chamfers and clean-edged aesthetic details. What about when you run your finger along it? It’s probably not as nice to feel. Youngdo Choi has set out to enhance the textural service the keyboard often leaves behind in the form of Braille Book – a keyboard for the visually impaired – emphasizing the sensitive feeling through one’s fingertips.

Avoiding the modern, edgy, aluminum keyboard feeling, Choi has delivered something soft and smooth to the touch, enhancing the sensory experience for the user. The rounded body is approachable and currently ties in with the same approach taken by a lot of Logitech’s latest wireless keyboards. Programmable to customize the braille keyboard aspect of this device to the user’s needs, this versatile product appeals to a much larger market than just the visually impaired of course. Soft to the touch, the powder coated ABS material used here really does make the Braille Book a pleasant device to use. The lightweight and slick appearance of the Braille Book can make this keyboard pass off as just another high-end brand – with a hidden talent.

Designer: Youngdo Choi