Portable product design plus Pinterest!


The Lynko’s design makes it the perfect, pinterest-worthy storage for any room. Be it the kitchen, bedroom, or study room, its modular design and storage system gives it instant appeal, making it probably the world’s thinnest and prettiest storage system.

Lynko was designed to be character-shifting, making it nomadic. A few simple adjustments would make it an ideal decorative book and plant-shelf for the living room, while a change here or there would make it perfect for the kitchen. The Lynko was therefore designed to mirror its user’s character and reflect their needs, becoming a piece of furniture that’s not just functional but personal too. Plus, with its folding schematic, it’s also easy to carry around the house!

The Lynko is a winner of the A’ Design Award in the Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design Category.

Designer: Natalia Geci