The house that wears a sweater!


It looks like the Swahili Gem Tudor apartments in Mombasa have been crochet-bombed! The architects decided to clad the building’s outside with a ‘moucharabiah’ inspired skin (derived from the Arabic term Mashrabiya, a style of carved wooden latticework), paying homage to traditional graphic patterns. The facade forms an ornamental layer on the building, not just giving its residents privacy (you can’t really peer into the windows), while also allowing light to filter through. The architect described the design as ‘showing its attachment to Mombasa’s history by borrowing inspiration from the rich traditions of Swahili design’.

The building’s northern face is left untouched, and opens to a wonderful view of a water-creek. The project is due to be completed this year and will open its doors to people willing to live in its 14 lavish residences.

Designers: Estrella de Andrés, Marcos Velasco & Ahmed Shamuty (Urko Sanchez Architects)