App Developer at 3 Years Old!

More than ever before, coding is considered to be the one thing everybody should know. Following one’s own speaking language, it’s imperative that youngsters learn a coding language too, because speaking in software, and speaking to software is extremely critical in today’s digital age.

No matter what language, the building blocks always remain the same and toy-makers have begun realizing that bringing that learning to children in a toy format can lead to major changes for the better in society. What Lego and Meccano did for our generation, STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) toys like the Cubetto are doing for today’s young generation.

Currently in its second iteration (with support and funding from Randi Zuckerberg, former Marketing Director at Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg’s sister) Cubetto comes back to teach children about coding in an innovative Montessori-approved format. The game comprises a tiny locomotive robot, a control panel, and a series of maps that the robot can navigate across. The magic lies in the control panel that the child learns to use and communicate with the robot through. The panel introduces children to concepts like command lines, loops, functions, and sequences in a playful format that develops their cognitive and problem-solving skills in a manner that makes coding easy to grasp later in life.

Aside from having secured various awards at the Cannes Lions, Red Dot Design Awards and the Junior Design Awards, Cubetto has also been featured on Kickstarter’s Gold tier, the Cubetto aims at changing toys and molding children for tomorrow. It doesn’t use screens (which is a great thing) and shapes itself as a traditional toy (having a wooden construction and color-coded elements/modules) with a modern agenda. Perfect for toddlers aged 3 and above, the Cubetto makes an ideal tinkering-toy at home and even a beautiful learning experiment in school!

Designer: Primo Toys

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BUY NOW: $275.00 $369.00