Carry a home on top of your car!


The Evasion Evolution Tent adds a low-footprint high-adventure element to your outdoor trip! Designed like a flat-packed hard mattress that you mount on your SUV or car, the tent opens up through the middle to reveal a cozy space for up to two people on the inside. Its elevated location makes it great for places that are too unsafe, or too uncomfortable for a ground-mounted tent, and the netting walls not only provide a panoramic view of the outside, but they also keep the critters and mosquitoes out. It even comes with solar powered ventilation, and a telescopic ladder to help you climb up and down.

The design of the Evasion Evolution tent in many ways resembles the award winning Shelter Pack by Hakan Gürsu (Designnobis) from a year back. It honestly is a good sign that conceptual works of design are being taken seriously by product development teams, helping create designs that not just perform well, but surprise and delight users too!

The James Baroud Evasion Evolution tent currently retails at a not-for-everyone price of $3600, but for seasoned travelers who spend most of their days on the road, professionally or through a hobby, it provides a great way to kick back while on the road or in the woods/desert/grasslands/mountains. After all, it’s so much more comfy than sleeping in your car, isn’t it?

Designer: James Baroud