The Sleekest Watch Ever Built

Did you know you could hold time in the palm of your hand? Well, not in that sense, but in a more literal sense… The Ring Clock may just be the smallest watch I’ve ever seen. It’s so small it fits comfortably around your finger in the guise of a ring. Several markings around the periphery of the ring represent markings on the clock and they light up in order to tell the time.

This absolute beaut is milled precisely out of surgical steel, giving it an incredible brushed finish, while also allowing it to be gentle on the skin. It’s even water resistant to 30 meters, so you don’t need to worry about taking it off every time you go for a shower, or a swim. Wear it with confidence and assurance, like any other piece of jewelry! Unlike watches that come with adjustable straps, the Ring Clock is made to fit. Choose from 18 different sizes for a perfectly fitting finger-timepiece!

The Ring Clock comes with a wireless charging station that also allows you to set the time. Just slide the ring in and controls on the docking station allow you to configure the time. Each charge powers the Ring Clock for a full week… which seems like a tech marvel to me in the first place because with a product that’s so incredibly small, I’m having a hard time wondering where the electronics and battery even fit!

Designer: Gusztav Szikszai

Buy It Here: $289.99 $349.00