A Bag with Bragging Rights!


Lifetime warranty. When was the last time you heard that? I’m sure it wasn’t recently. You see, products are nowadays designed to have a life-span. The culture of ‘product updates’ pushes consumers to buy newer versions of the old product with time. Gone are the days where one product would last a lifetime.

The Dave Jr. Duffel 2.0 by AMABILIS belongs to a different school of thought. The aim is to create a product that lasts forever, helping build trust in the brand, and creating a much stronger connection between the user and the product. There’s a reason why the grandfather has a favorite pipe, or a favorite watch. They’ve been with him for years, by his side, constantly serving, constantly amazing, becoming indispensable. The Dave Jr. Duffel is set to become that sort of bag that goes everywhere with you, sees the world with you, passes through life with you.

The Dave Jr. Duffel comes with military grade crafting, allowing it to withstand pretty much anything you can think of. When we say military grade crafting, we mean it! The upper body is made of a double layered defence-grade tarpaulin that’s capable of taking rough usage as well as rough weather. The base of the bag is crafted out of a SuperFabric that has a ceramic armor plating, preventing it from wear and tear. Even the zippers and clasps are military spec, resulting in a bag that’s so capable and durable the only thing left to do is make it ballistics-proof!

The tough construction doesn’t mean that the bag is bulky. The Dave Jr. Duffel is perfectly sized for every day carry as well as travel. The insides are spacious enough to accommodate clothes and even gadgets. AMABILIS even makes accessories like the Stash pouch and the Organizer wallet that integrate perfectly with the Dave Jr. Duffel. You can even order a patch of your country’s flag that gets applied on the Velcro zone of the bag’s exterior. The Dave Jr. Duffel is available in three distinct color combos. The classic black and white is perfect for the understated style. The Tango orange is perfect for the vibrant kind who want to stand out. If none of them suit your style, the Tactical combo is available in stealth black, just in case you happen to work for Her Majesty’s secret service!

Either which way, the Dave Jr. Duffel is so durable it has a high chance of outliving you! So go ahead and make this the last duffel bag you’ll ever need to buy!

Designer: Brian Abrams

Buy It Here: $110 $159