The virtual pen-drive!


If you think about it, the QR Code Smart Seal is really a solution to all your data sharing problems. This product allows you to convert data into a single image and physically share it with people. Imagine not needing a pen-drive anymore because you take your data, generate a QR code out of it and stamp the code on a piece of paper. That paper is now your pen drive. Scan the code, access the data.

The seal works with an app that generates the code. The seal then receives the code and creates the stamp accordingly. You can then use the seal to stamp out the code an infinite number of times (essentially creating an infinite number of pen-drives). Codes last forever, so that means your data’s always accessible. Perfect for sending out photos, web links, resumes, or even greeting cards. Amazing, isn’t it?!

Designers: Shuai Ma, Shuai Yang, JunYu Zhang & Fang Xu