Play in Your Own Fountain


There’s something about water that is soothing and peaceful. It touches all senses and creates an instance of calm. For me, water is so very therapeutic. That’s why I love the Fountain Ring.

The Fountain Ring was the idea from artist Yuki Sugihara from Japan. This beautiful silver ring, comes in a butterfly or spider model, which when under running water, the water forms the shape of a butterfly or a spider, creating an enjoyable experience for the user.

Each ring is made from a 3D model printed in wax which is then cast in silver with metal plating available in Rhodium, Gold, Rose Gold, Gray and Black. A jewel can also be fastened to the center of the ring creating and even more stylish ring for those who wear it.

The Fountain Ring won the A’Design Award for Jewelry, Eyewear and Watch Design for 2016. What a creative, stylish and peaceful way to enjoy an added bit of bling to your day.

Designers: Yuki Sugihara & Munetaka Ishikawa