The Raptor of Motorbikes


Many of the world’s greatest inventions and innovations have been inspired by wildlife but it’s particularly enthralling when biomimicry is expressed in transportation design! The BMW Typhoon is no exception.

This wild design takes inspiration from the planet’s fastest animal – the peregrine falcon. True to naked-style motorbikes, the turbo engine is completely visible through the framework. The front end, however, is clad in birdlike fairings (made of featherweight carbon fiber) akin to a true supersport. Applying some of the geometries of the falcon, an extreme look is achieved with the functional benefits of enhanced aerodynamics.

Ultramodern as it may be, riders are also treated to classic lux finishes like leather saddle/handlebars and finished wood details. After all, it’s still a BMW.

Designer: Mehmet Doruk Erdem