Look Smart, Breathe Smart.


Coming from India, I’m pretty much used to the level of air pollution there is here. I’ve however seen people struggle with breathing problems, given how much particulate matter there is in our air. It doesn’t surprise me anymore, to see probably one in a hundred people using a face mask to breathe clean air. The Smart Mask is designed to be a more advanced design solution, compared to the conventional cloth mask. For starters, it comes with a filter module that can be attached, detached, cleaned, and replaced. This filter module even comes with electronics that can monitor air quality, sending data to your phone on command. The mask itself has a clean minimal aesthetic (mirroring the cleanliness of the air that passes through it). The filter is held in a transparent casing that shows the face behind it, almost making it look like the person isn’t wearing a large, visually dense mask. A provision for an eye protector is made on the top too. Just snap the protector onto the mask to prevent dust from entering the eyes! What a well-rounded solution!

Designer: Li Chang