Smart Tech for Mommies and Daddies To-Be


Being pregnant can be overwhelming and even scary… but knowledge is power when it comes to taking care of baby! That’s the idea behind Thread, a smart system of devices that aim to connect and educate parents in the prenatal stages.

The first of 3 devices is wearable tech in the form of a health sensor that analyzes the fetus sleeping state and even emotions based on movement. These metrics can also be shared with health professionals for constant monitoring throughout pregnancy. Additionally, it allows mom can start communicating with baby using her voice.

The next device was designed for working dads who can’t be around all the time or who work abroad for extended periods. It alerts the father when the fetus is awake. In the same manner they might put an ear or cheek up against mom’s belly, they can do the same against the tactile top of the design where movements by the fetus are mimicked.

The third layer of the design is accessible via the user’s smartphone. The Thread app is designed to answer any questions parents-to-be might have and includes a Prenatal Encyclopedia, Prenatal Diary, an explanation of the fetus’ daily growth, doctor’s tips, and more!

Designer: Eirene Sheen & Jiseung Song