The Power Of A Family Huddle

Battery.Family is a concept where one big mama battery houses other smaller sizes, making it easy for you to have Size D, Size C, Size AA and Size AAA in one nifty design. How practical is this concept at solving the needs of different battery sizes at one go, is yet to be seen. But what is evident is that the idea is worth pondering over. We have seen attempts in the past to have one battery fit all sizes, so lets add this to that list now.

Designers: Soohwan Kim & Yeji Kim


  • Quintin Smits says:

    There is a reason there are different battery sizes. It’s not just to inconvenience us…
    A gadget that needs a large D-cell battery will empty an AAA cell in no time.

    This could work if the larger batteries also kept a charge and if you could screw a bottom on them when the smaller ones are inside (connect the tips and bottoms of the batteries together, to essentially have a bunch of batteries in parallel).

    But that won’t work, because (according to the standards) an AA battery is (.5mm) taller than a C battery.

  • Visitor CH says:

    This product already exists – I think it’s from GP, may be for A, C and D only, but it’s the exact same concept. Quite practical, but not new – and if you use the D-size, you run out of power very quickly.

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