Channel Your Inner Samurai Chef


Inspired by a trip to the home of the Samurai Sword in Seki, Japan, TOG founder Bert Beagley-Brown found the traditional craftsmanship and quality of the blades so incredible, he had to share it with chefs and cooks outside of Japan! Based on the folded construction of Samurai Swords, the TOG Elite Japanese Kitchen Knives’ blades are forged from 21 alternating layers of steel and copper, wrapped around a core of ACUTO 440, a superior high-carbon Japanese stainless steel. The outer steel layers are meticulously rolled to 2mm in thickness, and the copper layers, half the thickness of a human hair, give the blades antimicrobial properties and provide the striking orange stripes that are unique to TOG. The high-carbon core, layered structure, and heat process create a knife that is extremely sharp and durable, with excellent edge retention. The design’s beautiful handles are made from Kebony, a sustainable and highly durable material made from Norwegian maple. To give the user unparalleled control while slicing, the handles feature a scoop on the side. To finish, the handles are laser etched with a 600 year-old Japanese pattern.

Designer: Bert Beagley-Brown for TOG