Patient P.E.


People in hospitals are usually confined to their beds. This means they spend a lot of their time lying down and not getting enough exercise. The Rebound is an attachment for the hospital bed that allows patients to keep their foot muscles active. Designed ingeniously using minimal parts, this apparatus can be mounted on any bed, and can be used to work up your feet through a routine of limb exercises. The Rebound also comes with an electronic component, a pressure sensor linked to an LCD that displays readings, allowing doctors to track overall progress.

The Rebound is a winning entry for the Lite-On Awards 2015. Entries for this year’s Lite-On awards are open till the 16th of June, 2016. Head down to the Lite-On website for more details, and remember, time flies. Hurry!

Designers: Nigel Geh, Keong Teck, Sim Hao Jie & Audrey Chua